How to Wet Distress

Use this gentle distressing method when you want to rub away one or more colors, creating a worn look. This is quick and easy to achieve and looks best when the design and shape are strong or there are interesting carvings or details.

Before distressing, make sure that your paint layers are completely dry.


Gently rub the edges and other details of your piece with a damp sanding pad, soft cloth, or kitchen sponge, removing the top layer of paint to reveal the underlying color. Take care to wipe away any “slurry” that forms on the surface so you can see your progress. Rinse out your distressing tool to remove any accumulation of paint as you go.

When you are pleased with the results, let the surface dry completely.


Apply Chalk Paint® Wax.

Adapted from Annie Sloan’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, pp. 54-55.

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